The Ruhr Metropolis

The Ruhr Metropolis

The Ruhr River Area, or the Ruhr Metropolis, sure is one of the most exciting regions in Europe, being so rich in variety. Nearly six million people live here. The hospital density is the highest in Germany: Nowhere else are citizens so comprehensively supplied as in this region. Health services make up the region’s largest employer, boasting 230,000 staff. 120 clinics (13 of which are located in Essen) provide an internationally acknowledged reputation. The Contilia Health Campus with the Elisabeth Hospital Essen as its central premises is one of the most renowned addresses.

Essen and its Periphery – from Industrial to Service Metropolis

Essen with its nearly 600,000 citizens covers an area of more than 200 km² in the center of the Ruhr Metropolis, and thus ranks among the biggest German cities. Following a massive decline of heavy industries throughout the last four decades, the university town has developed a strong service sector within the necessary structural changes, exemplified by some vital health care businesses. A sightseeing tour will surely cause some lasting moments when the modern service sector is contrasted with the millennial history of the town.

Attractive Conurbation with plenty of Nature, Culture & Shopping

In the year 2010 Essen represented the Ruhr Metropolis as a European Capital of Culture. 30 years ago it was coal and steel that dominated the residents’ lives. These grounds are now covered by more than 200 museums, 120 theatres and 100 concert halls, attracting visitors from all over the world. Lakes, parks, gardens, agricultural areas and forests make the Ruhr Metropolis a green conurbation. Lake Baldeney in Essen is the biggest of the six Ruhr reservoirs, the river that serves as the eponym for the region. This water sports paradise and recreational area lies below the famous landmark Villa Hügel, former residency of the industrial family Krupp. The shopping factor is underlined by three of the biggest German retail centers – Limbecker Platz in Essen, Rhein-Ruhr-Zentrum Mülheim, and the Centro in Oberhausen, all three of them only ten minutes apart by car. Strolling has become an all-time favorite.

Limbecker Platz Essen
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