Proceedings and Finances

Good to Know - Proceedings and Finances

To shape the proceedings for everyone involved as smoothly as possible, we might kindly ask you to take the following points into account:

1. Treatment inquiry

Please send us all your records such as medical reports, imaging documents (MRI, CT, X-ray) and laboratory findings either via email ( or by mail. In case that you do not have any documents, we want to ask you to send a description of your illness or symptoms. The more explicit you are, the easier it is for our doctors to assess your medical condition and to suggest an optimal therapy plan. The basic questionnaire (pdf file) contains some criteria that are vital for us. Please send back the completed form via fax or by mail as soon as possible.

2. Preliminary estimate

Within three business days you will receive your individual estimate. It includes the prospective therapy plan, the duration of the treatment, your attending physician and the estimated costs (which might differ according to the treatment process).

3. Agreement upon an appointment

Agreeing upon a date is essential to facilitate hospital proceedings. We will gladly try to respect your wishes. The standby time is normally between 10 and 14 days, 21 days at most. You might need this time to get your visa, if required.

4. Visa

Patients from countries outside the European Union mostly need a visa for a stay in Germany. Please check your requirements before we have agreed on an appointment. Federal Foreign Office, GermanyThe German embassies and the

consulates will have the necessary information available. You will find a list of German diplomatic missions as a pdf-download on the website of the Auswärtiges Amt (foreign office). If required, we will assist you with the necessary invitation to apply for your visa. We would need your personal data, a passport copy, and also the data of an accompanying person.

5. Payment terms

Please transfer the sum total named in the preliminary estimate to the account of Contilia GmbH. You may also pay cash or by credit card once you have arrived at the hospital. Please bear with us that your treatment can only begin once the sum total has been paid.

6. Final settlement

On the day of your discharge (unless this is a weekend or a German bank holiday) the final settlement will be made. If there is money on account, it will be refunded immediately. If the real costs have turned out to exceed the estimate, it will be requisite to add a subsequent payment.