Geriatric Center Haus Berge

When seniors have to be attended to as inpatients, doctors and nurses are challenged completely differently than with younger patients. The acute clinic of the geriatric center Haus Berge has taken care of the elderly since 1983. It provides 75 beds, offering the entire spectrum of medical diagnostics and therapy – including intensive care.

The specialists, therapists, psychologists and nurses are well trained with gerontological diseases, and also with the psycho-social problems that a lot of the seniors have to face. One of the most important aims is an earliest possible rehabilitation. A team of specially trained physical therapists, ergotherapists, speech therapists and social workers are there to lend support.

The Geriatric Center Haus Berge has a special experience in treating patients who suffer from dementia and internal diseases (such as diabetes, rheumatism, hypertension or angina pectoris) at the same time. Dementia patients do find their necessary and dignified care and attendance here, which cannot always be accomplished in general hospitals.