Clinic for Women

About 2,800 surgical operations are annually performed in the Clinic for Women. It focuses on minimal-invasive surgery (keyhole surgery), thus having an extensive experience in organ-saving operations on ovaries and uterus. The clinic is the operative location of the Breast Center Essen.

The clinic has a special focus on cancer diseases, particularly breast cancer. The most modern diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound, mammography, computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging are available. If a further chemotherapeutic treatment is necessary, this can be performed as an in- or outpatient, the latter choice being chosen by a third of the patients.

  • Treatment of cancer diseases, especially breast cancer
  • Outpatient gynecologic operations
  • Minimal invasive surgery

Further emphasis on

  • Organ-saving operations of uterus and ovary diseases
  • Therapy of significant descensus of the uterus
  • Operative treatment of urinary incontinence