Clinic for Traumatology, Plastic and Orthopedic Surgery

A team of highly qualified specialists of endoprosthesis (replacement of joints) and spinal column surgery, boosted by orthopedists and sports physicians, make the clinic a location with a special weight for injuries and diseases of the spinal column, hand and foot, shoulder as well as the joints of the hip and the knee. There is a further focus on diseases of the muscular and skeleton system.

The most modern treatment methods comprise minimal-invasive surgery, arthroscopic intervention, pain therapy, chiro- and physical therapies and acupuncture. The patient benefits from smaller wounds and scars, less pain and a faster healing process. A long standing experience, the newest technology and high-value implants provide the clinic with a peculiar expertise in endoprosthesis. The intense interdisciplinary cooperation grants a gapless chain of diagnosis and therapy, and a highly qualified provision of attendance.

  • Berthold Heisterkamp

    Dr. med. Berthold Heisterkamp

    Elisabeth Hospital Essen
    Clinic for General, Visceral and Traumatology Surgery
    senior registrar
    Klara-Kopp-Weg 1
    D-45138 Essen