BodyGuard! Center for Preventive Medicine

BodyGuard! offers corporations and private persons and extensive and individually adjusted preventive program from all relevant medical fields. The unique linkage to the Contilia health campus with its specialized clinics safeguards examinations performed thoroughly by specialists.

BodyGuard! quotes a complete medical check-up within one day and one location, all performed in a pleasant ambience and accompanied by a personal scout. The checks resort to the medical and technical options of an academic teaching hospital, thus granting an optimal attendance on the current standards of medical knowledge. The check-up day ends with an extensive talk with the director of the center, where the results and the respective recommendations are discussed.

  • Oliver Bruder

    Adj. Professor (Private Lecturer) Dr. med. Oliver Bruder

    Contilia Heart and Vascular Center
    Clinic for Cardiology and Angiology
    Klara-Kopp-Weg 1
    45138 Essen