St. Marien Hospital Mülheim an der Ruhr – Patient-oriented Competence

Located a couple of kilometers from the Elisabeth Hospital Essen, the St.Marien Krankenhaus provides 367 beds in nine specialist departments, endorsed by in-patient doctors and a variety of in-/ outpatient cooperation. The hospital offers a broad spectrum of basic or general medical care, but also some additional fields of competence such as the orthopedic surgery, spinal column surgery, and psychiatry / psychotherapy.

Every year St.Marien Krankenhaus attends to 10,500 inpatients, 17,000 outpatients, and 9,300 patients in semi-residential care. The guiding principle for patient orientation and teamwork has been shaped by Christian values throughout the last 120 years, which is highly appreciated by patients, staff and cooperation partners. The staff comprises 70 doctors, 222 nurses, 78 apprentices in health care professions plus 270 employees in other functions.